Monday, March 21, 2011

See, I'm not a Conspiracy Theorist!

So, a few months ago when I had the girls in for their one year appointments, my pediatrician told me that new guidelines were out about how long a child should be rear-facing. The new guideline is that children should be in a rear-facing car seat until the age of 2. They made this change because it is safer. When I asked other moms about this, no one had hear about it and probably assumed I was given false information and was a dork for listening. Well, here are two different articles from the AAP and the National Highway something or other that releases the new guidelines:

So, now that you know, am I still the only one who thinks this is a good idea? I understand that its not the favorite thing to do because they child is at the age where they are curious about the world, but shouldn't safety take precedence here? Yes, it will be a huge pain in the butt. No one knows that better than me because I will have 2 in those rear-facing monstrosities, but you know what? I'll take the extra time, space, chaos, and frustration if I know that my babies will be safer.

Wouldn't you?

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Butler Family said...

honestly I like the idea that they are trying to make kids safer. But what about those kids(mine for example) who are almost 23 pounds by the time they are 1 and can face forward and not rear facing. But I don't like the idea that they are making us or telling us what we should so with our kids. I know my kids better than anyone else and I don't think it is right for them to say yeah well you are going to do this. I am not sure if I will do it. Luckily both my kids (well Keagan will be 2 in 3 months) are 2. But it still says the minimum for the articles is 12 months and 20 pounds so obviously they still think it is safe if we move them front facing after a year. But everyone has their own opinions and I understand that1`

The Gilberts said...

I was watching the news this morning about this article. I think as they were talking about the new "guideline". Keep in mind that is exactly what it is-a guideline. My little girl is 2 years old and has been front facing for quite some time. She has been over 20lbs for almost 8 months, and she is tall. I think it is best to use good judgement. If your child is tall enough, and weighs enough, I think it should be just fine to turn them around.

When I was watching the news, the Department of Health Services, was mainly saying that too many parents are too eager to put their babies in front facing car seats, when they have not reached the 20lbs., so to make things more simple they decided to just say "until they are 2 years old." I think they are just trying to knock some sense into the parents who are obviously not using common sense.

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