Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Montage of Zoo pictures!

Ben with his Momma @ the ZOO
Ben is a tiger cub

Ben loved the giraffes!
Ben's penguin friend

Sitting on a stone rhino!

Ben loves monkeys!!

Such a little hand!!
200 year old tortoise

All tuckered out from the exciting zoo!!

ZOO Weekend

This weekend, we took Ben to the Hogle Zoo in SLC. We drove down Saturday morning and hit the zoo at about 1. We walked around for a few hours, looking at all the different kinds of animals. We stopped by the monkeys first because we know how much Ben loves monkeys, but he couldn't really understand that they were monkeys, cause they weren't making many monkey noises. bummer.. i'm sure when he's older he will love watching the monkeys!!

Then we looked at the elephants, but they were standing in their corner and Ben couldn't really see them. We did take pictures by the fake elephant and Ben enjoyed standing oh his truck!! Later, on our way out of the zoo, the elephants were out and one was eating and the other was climbing on the rocks... no joke!
Ben's favorite animal to look at and watch were thePENGUINS!! Probably because he was able to see them really well cause they were the closest. There was one little itty bitty penguin in particular, who stood really close to Ben and would flap his little flippers then look at Ben.. who would kick his legs around... They would go back and forth, it was really really cute!! Ben even laughed at the penguins!! Funny thing though, his Nana Call's favorite animal is the penguin!!

Ben's second favorite animal to see was the giraffe!! Again, probably because he was able to get up really close!! he really enjoyed watching them eat and especially when they would stick their huge purple tongues out!! Here is a picture of Ben with a giraffe.

Look to the next post for a bunch of pictures of Ben at the Zoo!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quick Update

I've been chastised by a few people for not updating my blog enough lately. Sorry that i've been in school and everything, i'll be better from now on.

Ben was sick a little while ago, with a bad cold. We gave him herbs and after about a week he was fine again, although it seemed longer! He loves to crawl around and feels like its his right to get into everything! Including my homework. He's climbed up three stairs all by himself but when he tried to climb down, momma had to catch him. He is starting to cruise really well, and by that i mean move along the couch and stuff like that. Nana Call bought him a cute little walker. He's not super excited about walking with it although he can get a few feet before he cries and lets go, causing a forward BANG on the floor. Of course, momma is always there to kiss the boo-boos. basically he likes palying with the front of it! But he is starting to get the hang on walking with it. He's really good when his hands are being held, even though he's already tried to take some steps away form the couch, which again always end up with a face plant in the carpet.

Whenever Ben is upset, he just screams MAMAMAMAMA. Doesn't that make me love him SO much? yes and no! But he can say mama, ball, more and starting to say dada all the time.

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