Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat

For Halloween, Ben went as Bam-Bam. He even had a little club that he carried with him!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Title change

It was finally time to change the title of our blog, now that Ben is not going to be an only child anymore. Yes, you heard right, we are expecting again. Although we are not expecting what we at first thought we were expecting.

WE ARE HAVING TWINS!! Yep, a week ago, I had my first ultrasound. Heres how it went:

Ultrasound Tech: Oh boy, there are two in there
Me: (Silence) (mouth open)
Toby: That's awesome!
Me (still silent)
Tech: Lets make sure there isn't three in there!
Toby: (panicking now) uh...
Me: You better be kidding me...
Tech: Nope, just two
Me: You still better be kidding me...
Toby: Ben, can you say two? hahaha This is so cool!
Me: This is not funny!

Ok guys, yep we are having two babies in May, and although my due date is officially May 20, the babies WILL come early, so we are thinking the beginning of May is. So, that is why we have a change our blog title. Sorry, Ben. This family isn't going to be all about you anymore. I just hope they aren't two boys, I don't know if I could handle all that testosterone. I hope for two girls, but Toby want one of each, which I would be Ok with.
The twins are in different sacs, but the Dr. said that there is still a chance they could be identical. My dad looked it up online and there is a 25% chance they could be identical!! Well, that's all for now, I'll post family reactions in a later post!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New News 3

Here is my final update to get everything up to date.

Ben is growing bigger and taller all the time. I can barely hold him anymore. Not only is he big, but he's so active that its hard to keep up with him. He loves to run around outside, especially playing with the other kids toys. He loves riding the rocking horse and sometimes i feel like he's gonna fall over forward because he's such a good rocking horse rider!
Ben started walking right around his birthday. He was running the next day! No really, he's hardly struggled at all since he finally understood that he could get around fast on his feet rather than his knees. he loves to run up and down that hall and up and down the sidewalk, giggling and laughing so hard that he falls over.
He says lots of words now. His favorite word is NO. He loves to just yell it in his crib when he wakes up in the morning. He's such a good baby because in the morning he calls for "dadadadada" to get him up and going. Of course, momma picks out his clothes and outfits cuz daddy has no clue what matches for a little baby boy as cute as Ben. He know how to say yes, no, please, thank you, cracker, water, cheese, and a few others.
Since he turned 8 month old, we've been teaching him a few signs. He know "more" and "cheese". We just taught him the sign for Jesus, even though he does his own version of it. These are the only signs we can get him to do on a regular basis.
Although he doesn't say a lot of words or use a lot of signs, he understand almost everything I say. I can tell him to go put that in the trash, or go get this certain toy and he does it! Discipline is hard because I don't want spanking to be the majority discipline. Time outs work great and lately he listens to me when I tell him not to do something, because I use the 3-2-1 method. He has to the end of the countdown to do what I ask (mostly to come here) and he will do it.. around the number 1. lol at least he knows!
One of Ben's favorite things to do it knock. He will knock on any one's door that i let him. He has practiced on our door at home, and actually has a pretty strong knock. People think that the knock is from an adult, but not, its from my little 14 month old. I have to laugh out loud.
His other favorite thing to do is rearrange my can on my shelves. In our new place, its a bit smaller and has less cupboard space so we bought a shelving unit to so in our hallway. Ben loves to stack the cans and make a game of throwing the cans on the kitchen floor. But then he learns about consequences because I make him pick up all the cans that he threw on the floor. A few weeks ago, i found all my peanut butter in the trash, so he got a talking to about NOT throwing food in the trash.

The Best part of Being a Mom: The other day, we were up on campus eating lunch and Toby and I were saying a prayer over our food, when i looked up to see what Ben was doing, and he was staring at me.... WITH FOLDED ARMS!! He folded his arms all by himself! We have tried not to force him because I don't want him to think that He has to. We decided to show him by example and just to see the fruits of that is amazing!! And its not just a hoax , he's done it every prayer since then. I'm so proud of my boy!!
Next post will be his one year pictures!! Enjoy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New News 2

When we got back to Idaho after visiting New Mexico, Ben's second birthday party preparations were in full swing. His birthday party theme was "Balls" We had his party at the local park and our very best friends came: Kate, Seth and Nate, and Haley, Marcus and Allison. We had meatballs, cheetos balls, pizza balls (pizza rolls), and capri suns, and cupcakes decorated as different sports balls.

A pool and small pit balls, created a baby friendly ball pit!

Ben and Nate trying to fit balls in their mouths

Ben opening his presents from friends!

All our best friends came!

Ben, eating his birthday cupcake

The boys got to ride the carousel as a birthday present!

Ben loved it... for the most part....

Ben had a great birthday!

New News on Ben

Sorry to those of you who only know what is going on because of this blog.. lol Alot has happened since the end of June. Shame on me for not updating! So, here goes:

1. July 10, 2009 Ben turned 1!!! We went to New Mexico with Grandma and Grandpa Call and visit grandpa call's parents (Ben's Oma and Opa). We had tons of fun! Ben had a monkey birthday party, complete with a banana muffin cupcake cake. He loved it so much! For his birthday dinner, we had his favorite: pizza!! Thanks to everyone who gave him presents!

Ben, eating his birthday dinner, a small baby sized pizza made courtesy of his Great-Aunt June

Ben loves to feed others, and here, Nana is reaping the benefits of his generosity

Ben was very spoiled by all the presents he got for his birthday!

This is a cake made of banana nut muffins

This cake was for everyone else in the family

We had a bunch of fun in New Mexico, visiting relatives that got to meet Ben for the first time!! He met his Oma and Opa (great grandparents), Great-Aunt June and Great-Uncle Gary, Great-Aunt Heather and Great-Uncle Karl, Cousins: Julee, Kaitlyn, Timmy, Michael

Oma and Opa with Ben

Great-Aunt Heather and Great-Uncle Karl

Great-Aunt June and Great-Uncle Karl with Cousin: Julee, Michael, Katilyn, and Timmy

Oma, Opa, Grandpa, Nana, Momma and Ben

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ben's Graduation!

Saturday, we went out and bought Ben a big boy carseat, as he has pretty much grown out of the infant seat!! We set it up and Ben used it for the first time going to church on Sunday! He likes it because he gets to see us!! It even has a cup holder!

Ben is saying goodbye to his car seat!

Loves looking forward and seeing whats going on!

Big Boy Ben

Ben playing with the water bottle in his cup holder

Monday, June 15, 2009

No Shoes, No Shirt = One cold baby

Ben has offically been introduced to the swimming pool!! He's been before but i guess he hadn't really understood the first time we took him! He didn't like it the first few times, but now he's starting to like it! We bought him a baby floaty and he enjoys that, but the we noticed that he shivers after about 2 minutes in the water, so i looked into getting him a wet suit and low and behold, i found one on sale, after being on the computer literally all week looking for a good deal! He does so much better in the pool now, even though by the looks of the pictures, it doesn't seem that way. Its just that we forgot his floaty tonight and daddy was trying to balance him on the boogy board.. totally no in Ben's comfort zone! Enjoy!

hitting up the pool

NOt feeling the boogy board

totally not feeling it

Its not so bad now!

Just sitting around, watch the game of pool basketball!goofy grinned baby

snuggling to stay warm!!

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