Saturday, September 19, 2009

New News 2

When we got back to Idaho after visiting New Mexico, Ben's second birthday party preparations were in full swing. His birthday party theme was "Balls" We had his party at the local park and our very best friends came: Kate, Seth and Nate, and Haley, Marcus and Allison. We had meatballs, cheetos balls, pizza balls (pizza rolls), and capri suns, and cupcakes decorated as different sports balls.

A pool and small pit balls, created a baby friendly ball pit!

Ben and Nate trying to fit balls in their mouths

Ben opening his presents from friends!

All our best friends came!

Ben, eating his birthday cupcake

The boys got to ride the carousel as a birthday present!

Ben loved it... for the most part....

Ben had a great birthday!

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Butler Family said...

he is so cute samm. I am so glad you posted something so I could see what has been going on with you guys. happy late birthday ben. I can't believe how big he is getting. he is such a handsome boy samm. love and miss you tons girl

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