Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Christmas Plans

We had originally decided to stay home for Christmas because my parents ere going to fly us home next 7 weeks break, but that all changed. Now, we are flying home to attend the wedding of:


Yes, thats right, my brother is getting married. Her name is Miriam. They met at church while attending VTech! I've never met her in person, but we've talked on the phone and on FB and i really like her!

So, that being said, we are going home for Christmas!! It will be nice to see our family again, we haven't been home since Ben was 6 months old. Toby has finals right up until the wedding so he will miss it, but the kids and I are flying home the beginning of December. The wedding is on the 18th of December with the reception in Blacksburg on the 21st. Here is our intinerary:

Dec. 6: Kids and I fly out to D.C. Stay with the Dossetts for a week
Dec. Dec 11 or 12: Stay in NN for a week with my family.
Dec 18 Wedding in D.C. Temple Stay with Dossetts for weekend
Dec 21: Travel to Blacksburg for reception
Dec. 22: Back to NN until CHristmas Eve
Dec 24: back to Fredericksburg
Dec 31: Back to NN
January 3: Toby flys back to SLC
January 6: I fly back with Kids.

Yes, it will be crazy and a lot of traveling, but this is the only way to get equal time with our families. I'm excited to visit D.C. and go back to the greatest book store in the world. I'm just sad that Carl's won't be open. Oh well, maybe next year.

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