Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby # 4, not 4 and 5!!

That right! We're pregnant with baby # 4. Not 4 and 5, mind you. That would be much much too crazy for me. So, I decided to not tell Toby that I was taking a test, because I think he's been the first to know with all the others because I'm too chicken to check it myself and be sad when its a negative. ANYWAYS, I found out alone, which was fine, but I wanted to show Toby in a special way. My first thought was to buy some of those car decals of stick figures that represent the family and mine would be pregnant! If this test had been negative, I would of ordered them for the future but I totally couldn't wait that long. It took everything I had to wait until he got home and even then I made him go straight to finding out. Here's what I did:

So, that's how he found out! He was really surprised and really excited (obviously).
We are currently almost 11 weeks along. It has been a terrible and stressful pregnancy for me. I feel awful all the time and sick and constantly hungry. Also, since I have diabetes it is super hard to control my blood sugar. Anyways, this is a sugar high risk pregnancy for many reasons:
1. pregnancy after c-section
2. c-section was T-cut (so any kind of labor is dangerous)
3. At risk for preterm labor/ preterm delivery (girls were born at 23.6 weeks)
4. diabetes

So yeah, thats pretty much the news. I get to monitor my BG all the time because my Dr. wants me to stay between 90-120. Its also hard because i want to eat all the time and that would really mess up the BG I take because it would never be right at the time I take it. So, the only up side to all this is the fact that I will probably get an insulin pump while pregnant. It will help monitor my BG so much better than I can do by myself.

We are very excited for this new baby. I think its a boy, but we'll certainly take a girl. At this point, I don't really wanna be pregnant again because its so hard being high risk and dealing with diabetes/eating. And thats why I want a boy, so then I can have 2 of each and be done!!

That's all folks!

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The Gilberts said...

Congrats Samm!!!! So excited for you! :-)))

The Dials said...

CONGRATS!!!!! so exciting for you guys.

Steve and Nykele said...

YAY! Congrats! So Exciting!

Butler Family said...

congrats girl. That is so so so wonderful:)

Diane said...

Congratulations!!! Happy for you! Praying all goes well!

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