Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Homemade Diaperbag

Yes, you read right. I made my own diaper bag. I have a diaper bag already but it broke and now its sitting outside in the rain and heat and everything. Whatever. Anyways, I've been trying to find a diaper bag online that I like that was quality and less expensive. No so easy to find. I might end up buying a new one anyways, but for now, i love this one!!

 I started with this side.. I cut out all those squares then sewed them together.
 I was going to do the other side like the reverse side, but it took too much time.. and effort.
 The two sides are the same green and brown
You can also see the top "hem" that I did to cover up the craziness and make it uniform
 The inside is all one fabric, brown with blue flowers and green stems, it all matches
Here is the backside again
 The straps were both supposed to be the blue and brown but I ran out of fabric, 
but I kinda like it this way
Oh, and this is the wipes case I covered. (inspiration from

I know there are flaws in it, sewing mistakes and a few rips. I wish I did the top "hemming" better, but oh well. Its really nice and I love it.

6 pieces of love:

Audrey said...

Very cute diaper bag! I love the fabric!!! Good job:)

Tom and Patricia said...

Samm, I love it!! Did you have a pattern, or just do it from scratch? You're awesome!!! Very creative -

The Gilberts said...

Adorable! It looks so cute! I can't wait to make mine in about a week. :)

Jeff and Lori said...

So cute! Love it love it love it!

Butler Family said...

You did an AMAZING job. WAY TO GO

Samm said...

Yes, the diaper bag was made from scratch. Lots and lots of straight lines and seam ripping for me. lol

Thanks for all the love, guys!

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