Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things to do before we move!

We had a small (ish) list of things we wanted to do before we moved out of this area. One of those things was going to visit Yellow Stone National Park to see Old Faithful. So, we loaded up our car with babies and food and lots of warm coats. It wasn't too bad driving out there because the girls slept for the most part. It was actually kinda fun and very beautiful driving out. We got to Old Faithful and had to wait for over an hour before it was expected to go off again. We walked around the gift shop and bought our traditional magnet (we buy a magnet for every place we visit). We then walked over to where Old faithful was and ate our picnic lunch.

I do have to say that I've never seen/ heard so many foreigners in one spot (other than overseas, of course). I rarely heard conversations in English! It was so nice and cool to hear German, Chinese, Swedish, and a few others, but it was so awesome!

Then we FINALLY got to see Old Faithful erupt. It was so pretty! And then we realized that thw wind was blowing directly at us and all the mist and water spray covered us and our view of the geyser. Oh well, we got to see it for a few seconds. All the people around us scattered but Ben thought it was the coolest part of the whole day.

On our drive back from Old Faithful, we stopped by the Paint Pots. Its bubbly, boiling mud with  beautiful blue pond of boiling water.. aren't they pretty?

 Here is our family standing in front of Old Faithful. Thank you random stranger for taking the picture for us!!

Of course, you can't drive through Yellow Stone without seeing some wildlife. We saw some elk, a bison, and a whole herd of bison.

 Plus, some cute shots of the kiddos!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Adorable Addison

She climbed up there all by herself, yet she's terrified to climb down. Its just too cute!

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