Friday, October 23, 2009

Title change

It was finally time to change the title of our blog, now that Ben is not going to be an only child anymore. Yes, you heard right, we are expecting again. Although we are not expecting what we at first thought we were expecting.

WE ARE HAVING TWINS!! Yep, a week ago, I had my first ultrasound. Heres how it went:

Ultrasound Tech: Oh boy, there are two in there
Me: (Silence) (mouth open)
Toby: That's awesome!
Me (still silent)
Tech: Lets make sure there isn't three in there!
Toby: (panicking now) uh...
Me: You better be kidding me...
Tech: Nope, just two
Me: You still better be kidding me...
Toby: Ben, can you say two? hahaha This is so cool!
Me: This is not funny!

Ok guys, yep we are having two babies in May, and although my due date is officially May 20, the babies WILL come early, so we are thinking the beginning of May is. So, that is why we have a change our blog title. Sorry, Ben. This family isn't going to be all about you anymore. I just hope they aren't two boys, I don't know if I could handle all that testosterone. I hope for two girls, but Toby want one of each, which I would be Ok with.
The twins are in different sacs, but the Dr. said that there is still a chance they could be identical. My dad looked it up online and there is a 25% chance they could be identical!! Well, that's all for now, I'll post family reactions in a later post!!

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