Friday, March 20, 2009

A Real Baths for a Real Boy

Ben has decided that he loved to take real baths! He has a few bath toys and he just splashes around and throws his toys and just gives the biggest smiles!! He is fascinated my the water that drips from the faucet! He still doesn't like when we pour water over his head to rinse his hair but at lease he doesn't scream anymore!! He has two balls that are bath toys and i swear he is already saying ball.. it comes out "ba" or more like "buh" but he says it!! (We all know that mama was is first word though!!)

A Highchair for Ben!

Grandma Dossett bought Ben a highchair!! He loves that his food is right in front of him! He is so smart!! He learned the "pincher grasp".. you know the whole picking things up with his finger and thumb! He just all of a sudden started to do it last Saturday! He even started with really small things like Cheerios and Puffs. I've tried to give him peas and such but he just squishes them and drops them in his lap!

This is the first time he sat in his highchair! He actually got a puff stuck to his nose!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New swimming suit!

Here is Ben's new swim diaper from Nana Call. Daddy says he looks like a Cabana Boy! We tried to go swimming on Saturday but the pool was closed!!

Beggin' Boy

Ben's new favorite thing is to pull himself up on the couch and beg for food. Oh, by the way, HE'S PULLING HIMSELF UP ON THINGS!! He pulled himself to a standing position on the couch yesterday! Last night he saw Toby eating chocolate ice cream and decided that he was entitled to some dessert. The video speaks for itself, but let me tell you that he is the cutest little beggar ever!!

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