Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ben's Graduation!

Saturday, we went out and bought Ben a big boy carseat, as he has pretty much grown out of the infant seat!! We set it up and Ben used it for the first time going to church on Sunday! He likes it because he gets to see us!! It even has a cup holder!

Ben is saying goodbye to his car seat!

Loves looking forward and seeing whats going on!

Big Boy Ben

Ben playing with the water bottle in his cup holder

Monday, June 15, 2009

No Shoes, No Shirt = One cold baby

Ben has offically been introduced to the swimming pool!! He's been before but i guess he hadn't really understood the first time we took him! He didn't like it the first few times, but now he's starting to like it! We bought him a baby floaty and he enjoys that, but the we noticed that he shivers after about 2 minutes in the water, so i looked into getting him a wet suit and low and behold, i found one on sale, after being on the computer literally all week looking for a good deal! He does so much better in the pool now, even though by the looks of the pictures, it doesn't seem that way. Its just that we forgot his floaty tonight and daddy was trying to balance him on the boogy board.. totally no in Ben's comfort zone! Enjoy!

hitting up the pool

NOt feeling the boogy board

totally not feeling it

Its not so bad now!

Just sitting around, watch the game of pool basketball!goofy grinned baby

snuggling to stay warm!!

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