Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ben's Graduation!

Saturday, we went out and bought Ben a big boy carseat, as he has pretty much grown out of the infant seat!! We set it up and Ben used it for the first time going to church on Sunday! He likes it because he gets to see us!! It even has a cup holder!

Ben is saying goodbye to his car seat!

Loves looking forward and seeing whats going on!

Big Boy Ben

Ben playing with the water bottle in his cup holder

3 pieces of love:

Aaron and Ashley said...

Very cool carseat Benny Boy!! He is getting so big, Samm! I can't believe how fast our little people are growing up!

Cecily and Tommy said...

He's sooo big! He looks like a full-blown toddler sitting forward and all. Enjoy the ride. :)

Butler Family said...

Wow time sure flies doesn't it?? He is so cute girl and getting so big!! But what a fun carseat and now that he can look out and enjoy the worlkd in the car now he is going to love being in the car!!!

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