Saturday, March 19, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Here are a few of the ways that Ben is a mini-Toby clone:
1. Both hate sticky hands
2. Both are currently obsessed with Superheros (toby never stopped)
3. Both can quote movies
4. Both like to run around the house naked (Toby has since outgrown this.. mostly)
5. Both like checking out girls (Toby HAS outgrown this)
6. Both love to sing and play guitar
7. Both like taking naps with Mommy (mommy doesn't really like this cuz she ends up in the middle)
8. Both will eat almost anything (Toby eats it, then Ben will eat it)
9. Both like that disgusting Ranch of pizza
10. Both like video games
11. They look EXACTLY ALIKE!

More to come soon, trust me.

2 pieces of love:

Mandy said...

I love having Tre look just like AJ! having mini-me's are the best!

The Mathesons said...

Yay! You have a blog too?! I love blogs (though admittedly I've been slacking on ours lately)! Cute pic of the Dossett men, btw. :)

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