Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm loving this whole blogging thing now!

Yes, that's right. I'm loving this whole blogging thing. Its been a few years in the coming but I feel better when I keep it updated! I hope everyone is loving the updates!
Anyways, here is where my thoughts have been today:
- Flats v. Heels
   So, its probably a mundane subject, but for our dance performance this weekend I need flats. Its been years since I've worn flats. (ever since I was allowed to start wearing heels when I was 14, I've never looked back) Anyways, I found a pair for 3 bucks at DI (Yay! for DI), and I must admit that they're pretty cute. However, I can't seems to keep them on my feet. While dancing, its hard to turn and its almost funny because during our test, I almost lost a shoe and cracked up over it. I recovered but it was probably funny to watch, but thankfully, our teachers weren't looking at that moment! So, while I will continue to wear those cute little flats but I love my heels and will continue to wear my heels!
- My Day today:
   Today was a pretty good day. That is, if it Ben was a happy boy, and Addison didn't throw up her breakfast, and that my babies didn't poo every hour.  Other than that, I've had a good day. I've decided not to let the craziness that is close to taking me over, to not control my life and my attitude. I've spent the day procrastinating my homework by cleaning. I know, I know, its totally not something that I would do, but it needs to be done and I put on some shows to keep me motivated.
Anyways, thanks for listening to me ramble on, I'm in a good mood!! Oh, and here's a picture of my beautiful girls. They love sleeping on top of each other! Cute, huh?

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Butler Family said...

I am so glad you started blogging more I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful kids

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