Saturday, March 19, 2011

Minor Panic Attacks: Now I'm "that mom"

yes, its true. I'm now officially "that mom".  You know, the one who freaks out int he store if he son goes behind a small rack of clothes. Not that there is anything wrong with that mom, its just that I've never been that way. I've let Ben roam within a certain distance of me, but ever since that day in Wal-Mart when he broke my heart by running to the fish without permission (full story see here), I've had trouble when my babies aren't in sight. Examples:
   I was at a friend's baby shower last weekend and took Addie with me. She is a very mobile baby now and is very fast at getting to where she wants to go. Well, we were sitting around talking, Addie was being her usual curious little self when I looked down to see what she was up to. I couldn't see her. That feeling from the store came back for a split second while I probably embarrassed myself (to those who actually saw) and freaked out a little looking around for her. Its not as if someone took her out of the apartment or something, i just couldn't find her. She ended up being stuck behind some chairs that were leaning against the wall. (that part was actually pretty hilarious). That was my first mini panic attack since Wal-Mart.
   The other one happened in my own house. The girls were playing on the floor and since we have an open floor plan, everything connect w/ out doorways. this mean extra caution when food is on the floor because they can crawl right to it. Well, when i looked up form my homework, i saw only one baby. The other one was nowhere to be found. Yep, you guessed it: another mini panic attack. After a frantic search of the back rooms, she was found in the master bedroom (other side of the house) behind the door that she conveniently pushed closed in her attempt to find something to put in her mouth.
 So, I've been reduced to panic attacks when I can see my children even though I know logically that they are safe and happy. (sometime too happy). Maybe with time my heart won't freak out on me, but then again, why not. I'm glad my heart knows better than my brain.

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Butler Family said...

don't worry it is just your mommy intincts kicking in. I had something happen to Keagan last week and it freaked me out too... Don't worry it will go away soon

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