Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 2 of 30 Day Challenge

Before I go any further, I will tag some people (who obviously WANT to be tagged hehehe :) )
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Cecily D. (if you do in fact see this!)

Day 2: The meaning behind your blog name
 My blog name is A Little Slice of Paradise. I struggled a long time to pick the perfect blog name for our family. I even tried to get input from others and while they came up with some fantastic suggestions, nothing sat right with me. So, on my way to the kid's chiropractors appointments, running late (as usual) and it kinda just popped into my head. I really like it. Its perfect for my family because we definitely have a little peice of heaven in our home. There is so much love no just between mommy/daddy and children, but for all people and mostly for the gospel and Christ. We have a little slice of paradise in our home.
Funny Story: When I was thinking of blog names, one kept coming to mind but it was a little out there and i wasn't sure that anyone would understand. So, the joke is that our family grows according to the Fibonacci Sequence. Remember in math when you have 1+1=2,   1+2=3,   2+3=5, etc. So you take the previous 2 number and add them together. Obviously its Toby+ Samm (1+1), then we added Ben (2+1), then the girls (3+2). Anyways, our blog name was going to be something along the lines of The "Dossett-acci Sequence" or something like that. However that won't work for long, you know like when we have our next baby (which WILL NOT be triplets!!) (not an announcement) Anyways, there is Day 2 for you! 

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