Monday, March 7, 2011

Big Boy Alert!

OK, so I've been A-W-F-U-L at update regularly. I'm going to keep it up though, I promise.

Ben is such a big boy. He started potty training when we got back from vacation in January and I'm pleased to announce that he is 100% potty trained both during the day and at night. I got some advice from Cecily (sis-in-law) and we basically did the same thing with his as she did with my niece Summer. We let him pick out his own underwear and make sure he knew how to go on the potty. No punishing, just positive reinforcement. Oh, and stickers. We've been working up to this for awhile, and FINALLY, he decided that on a reward! In the past I'd offer him whole cookies, a whole popsicle or a cup of juice is he would go on the potty. Who knew that stickers would be the magic reward?
Anyways, first Saturday back, we put him in underwear. He peed. He peed again. Then, while we were questioning if he was ready, he went on the potty! SUCCESS!!  He's been good ever since. He's had a few mistakes, but overall, he's trained. He goes on his own without me having to go with him every time. He's getting so big! Watch out!
He loves swimming!
This is his favorite picture! He always wants to look at "Ben sleeping"
He got stuck between the pack n play and the couch. He had fun getting out on his own!

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Butler Family said...

man he is just as cute as those girls. But he sure is gonna be a heart breaker. Look at that smile and those beautiful eyes. way to go for potty training

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