Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ben's Prayers

Ben has started to say his own prayers, rambling on as is per usual. He rarely get prompted unless he missed saying something... most of the time, its: "dear.... this hot dog, this donald duck..." So, we have to go back and start over.

This was his prayer on lunch:

Ben: "Dear.... this hot dog"
Mom: "Heavenly Father"
Ben: "Fadder... this hot dog"
Mom: "thank you for.."
Ben: "Thank you for.... this hot dog, this day, this animal cracker, this..what this (pointing to the vase of fake flowers) "
Mom: "flowers"
Ben: "this flowers, this mickey mouse fork, this babies AddiePeytieAddie (yes, that is all one word), this face (pointing to his own), this pumpkin, this pumpkin face, this.... (its a calendar that he's pointing at)
Mom: "calendar"
Ben: "..... these numbers, 9, 10, 10, 10. Jesus Christ..... AMEN!

Yes, these prayers are precious, and that was pretty much verbatim. He's adorable when he gets going. Some times he thanks Heavenly Father for all this body parts, and goes through them. Most of the time he lists his toys and shows that he likes. Lately he's thankful for candy, duh.
He's so adorable, and i'm grateful he's so excited about church and Jesus, and prayers, he reminds us every night to say them (sometimes multiple times to get out of going to bed.)

4 pieces of love:

Cecily said...

LOL That is so cute! Summer practically refuses to say prayers. At least she remembers to say, "No thankyou" politely whenever Tommy asks her. They'll balance one another out at Christmas!

The Gilberts said...

Hahaha! Way to pray Benny Boy! Man I hope I can see you soon, Samm. We really need to plan this thing out before the snowy weather hits!

Mandy said...

how cute!!!! don't you just love being a mommy!?!?

Sarah said...

Ok that is so adorable. You are making me so excited for Miles to be that age :)

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