Sunday, October 10, 2010

8 months old



Sorry, there only a few pictures up here, we are trying to get some family picture taken, so those will be up soon.

September 28, 2010 marked the day that the girls turned 8 months old. This day was very special to me because they spent exactly the same amount of time in the hospital and they had at home with us. The next day, they were more mine than the nurses and drs at the hospital.
Since they've been home, they have thrived. They did extremely well in the hospital, as you know, because they had little to no complications with their prematurity. The complications that they did have we minor complications and weren't too serious, (i.e. PDA ligations, laser eye surgery, Peyton's PIE). Anyways, since they've been home, they came off the oxygen within 3 weeks. That is AMAZING!! Lots of babies who were born a couple of months after the girls had been, were still on oxygen for close to a year, if not more. So, what is the miracle here, why were my babies protected and saved? You know, I don't know, i'm not one to claim to know what they will do in life, or what other babies will do. I do know for a fact that they came at the right time, and they were spared much because they have a mission on this earth and they needed these experiences, as little as they were, to help refine their spirits.
Who knows the impact that their premature births had on any one person? I can tell you that they were some of the most prayed for babies. Friends and Family prayed, let their university classes know, and their class mates had their church congregations pray for the girls, etc,etc. Who know how far their story reached? All I know, is that Prayer works. My girls are LIVING evidence of this.

Today, they are smiley, happy, playful, loving, beautiful little girls with bright eyes and a hunger for learning that is already evident in their eyes. Both are now trying to sit up, Peyton holds the record ofr 4 second. both have started Rice Cereal, which they don't too often because I can't seem to fin the time to nurse, bottle feed AND feed them cereal. I don't know if it will get better with time, maybe they will get more over Christmas vacation. who knows?
The girls have a weird schedule. They wake up about 730 or 8 in the morning to eat, then they go back down for their morning nap that turns into a full out sleep-fest. On most occasions, they will sleep until about 2 or 3. I've tried waking them up to eat, but they won't latch to nurse and they just play with their bottle, whats a girl to do? So, i just let them sleep. Sometimes i take a nap of my own on the couch while Ben plays or watches a movie. Other times, i enjoy the time with my beautiful blue-eyed Ben.

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The Gilberts said...

They are so precious. I love the pictures. I am so glad that they are almost sitting up! I don't think Chloe could do that until she turned 9 months, but I can't remember. I was definitely praying for your baby girls! I hope I get to meet them soon!!

Mandy said...

prayer does work!!! such beautiful girls you have here! can't wait to see your family picture!

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