Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 8 of the 30 Day Challenge

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Ok, now on to Day 8: Short Term goals for this month and (when you will accomplish them)
I'm going to list my goals for April, seeing as how this month is pretty much over (but not yet, because on Wednesday, ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!) (shhh, don't tell anyone!)

1. Finish this semester with all A's (April 8th)
2. Set up my sewing machine and start on the girls' blankets (sometime between the semesters)
3. Take the girls' 1 year pictures (done my the time the next semester starts)
4. Finish the little crafty projects that are just about done (April 8th)
5. Take a family vacation either to Utah or YellowStone or both (go by the beggining of the semester)
6. Start the new semester (April 20something)

There you  have them. Written down and everything. Hopefully I'll be able to do all these things. I'm actually excited for all of them!!

2 pieces of love:

Butler Family said...

with the determination you have I KNOW you can accomplish them all if you put your mind to it

Cecily said...

I just went through all your recent blogs--I had no idea you were doing the 30 day challenge! It's fun reading all those things, but I have to say that I enjoyed about all your crazy stories more.

Rather than comment individually, I'm doing a mass post. Warning: it might be weird.

1)Ben ran away in WalMart?! Holy crap! I can't even imagine how scary that was for you! I have a heart attack just thinking about it. I'm so glad that everyone's ok!

2)People making judgmental comments. Aaauuuugggghhhhhtttthhhhpp. What is there to say? I'm usually the stupid one making the comments. I'm sure they'll be humbled in due course, just like I always am. I hope you're able to just toss their comments out the window and forget about them. I was in the same boat--married at 19, mother of 1 at 20, mother of 2 at 23 (by 2 days), and we did it all on a student budget. It was hard and is still hard... but you know what? I'm going to be the mom at my kid's graduation still looking young and sexy and I'm going to be the awesome grandma that still has energy to play with my grandkids and I'm going to have all my "me" time when I actually have the knowledge and wisdom for how to use it! So there. ;)

3) Don't you love our elders? They carry their life's wisdom around to bless us young folk and make sure the world keeps spinning just right... and then they say completely irrelevant and upsetting things that make you stop and think, "how on earth have you lived your life twice as long as me and still treat people like that?" And the answer is that even though she may have lived a long and full life and learned a lot of lessons from it, you may be the very first glimpse she's getting of a life like yours. As lame as what she said was, there's a lot to consider about where she's coming from. Maybe she's completely ignorant (poor her). Maybe she's a neat freak (even worse). Maybe she was totally nervous and was trying to make the situation less awkward (and failed, clearly). But those who know you know that a)you're not lazy (btw, procrastinating laundry and dishes is one of the most noble things if it means you're developing your family relationships--I read about this story in the Ensign when Summer was a baby that told a story about a pioneer woman who watched over her baby while it was napping to keep the flies off it while it slept. She stayed there THE WHOLE TIME in her mud hut keeping flies off her baby's face instead of doing the zillion other things she could have because her baby was more important. While she was sitting still watching her baby, she saw a poisonous snake creeping across the floor to the baby. If she hadn't been watching, the baby would have been bitten. Family first. You understand this concept already, Gorgeous!), b)you're working hard achieving all A's in your first semester back to school!!!, c) you have a toddler boy and TWINS, for crying out loud! That (without school and Toby going on field trips and keeping in touch with your best-friend-Mom long-distance and practicing photography and making time to play with your kids)speaks for itself!

I could go on, but this post is long enough as it is (sorry...)

Basically--I love you, Samm! And I'm sorry it's taken me so long to read the blog! (I promise I won't comment this long/obnoxiously next time) And I'm sorry for all the frustrating things happening. When we switch places--the next time I get super frustrated, I'll come to you and you can give me a bunch of free advice, okay? :) *HUG*

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