Sunday, March 13, 2011

Help, I'm stuck!

We have the pack n play set up in the living room because we need a place to put the girl so they won't crawl around getting into things. They don't like it all the time, as you can see they usually want out. 

This is Addison. She doesn't like the vacuum. at all. Its funny because she crawls towards it crying at the same time. Toby says its because she's actually crawling towards me but the vacuum gets in the way. Its pretty cute! Even if she is in the pack n play, she gets upset.
Poor baby!

So, I told you that the pack n play is in the living room and it is SO HARD for Ben to leave it alone. We used to let him play in it but he just jumps around and now there is even a hole in it, so he's not allowed it. He's a picture of him "stuck" in it. And a video. Because he's so cute!!

2 pieces of love:

Mandy said...

doesn't it just break your heart when they crawl after you crying?!?! Ellie does that to me all the time! (maybe I should pick her up!!! ;))

Butler Family said...

Girl your kids are just so ADORABLE!!!

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