Thursday, March 31, 2011

23 years old with 3 kids under 3

yep, that pretty much describes my life right now. Yesterday was my birthday. You didn't see it on facebook because I hate how people that I haven't spoken to in years tell me happy birthday on my page, Its so impersonal and I hate it. So, if you remembered my birthday or even saw someone else write on my wall and decided to as well, thank you. I'm glad I got about 20 birthday wishes from family and good friends. It was so nice not to get 50 billion wishes that don't mean anything but the fact that someone saw it was my birthday, didn't really care about me, but wrote anyways.
   So, here's how my birthday day went down. I had racquetball class where I had to finish my games for our tournament. I played 4 games back to back. THAT was insane, but a great workout and tons of fun. I played out TA who I lost too.. of course. Then I played another girl whose trash I kicked! Then my next game wen ton for almost 25 minutes. I don't think I ever had a game go that long, we had super long rallies and we were both playing really really well. Then my next game was against a really good player, and he kicked my trash, but i was so tired that it probably wasn't hard. lol
   Then I came home to sick babies and a husband who had to run off to class. The rest of my morning and afternoon was spent keeping Ben off my back, and keeping snot out of babies noses. Addison was running a pretty high fever but it came down with tylenol and fluids. I had to syringe some water into her mouth because she didn't want to drink. too bad for her, huh?
toby got home and he brought pizza home for dinner and later he made me dessert: warm chocolate chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and hot fudge. It was de-lish! I had already got my birthday presents so there wasn't anything to open, which was fine! Toby bought me Photoshop for Mac and my parents bought me a sewing machine. I haven't received the package from Toby's parents, but i'm excited to see whats in it!!
   I got phone calls from my brothers, and my parents, but by far the best call was from Toby's parents and little brother and sister. They were singing happy birthday and Will accidentally sang happy birthday to Abby. Their dog. lol Its as if he forgot who he was singing to. Yes, that was by far the funniest phone call.
   Oh, and a big thanks to our best friends, Steve and Nykele who brought over cupcakes the night before my birthday to help us celebrate. Those cupcakes were the greatest things I've ever tasted! She even did colored layers in the cupcakes, it was awesome! Sorry there aren't any pictures, we ate them too quickly!
   Saturday is cause for even more celebration because we are going to Red Robin for my birthday burger. We're gonna eat a Cold Stone for dessert and to top it all off, We're gonna pick up our girl scout cookies from my Uncle's place.

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The Gilberts said...

Blast you all look so much alike! I didn't publish your comment bc I didn't wanna look like a dork! Lol

Butler Family said...

Glad that even though your kiddos were sick you were so positive with having a good birthday. I love you and hope this weekend will be awesome

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