Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 23 of the 30 Day Challenge

Day 23-Something you crave a lot

So, i'm getting bored of this! Maybe i'll find another one that is funner when i fun out of things to do. Anyways, I'll share this one craving with you!:

Holiday Crunch candy
I dont love the regular crunch bars, but the halloween candy, Christmas bells, Valentines hearts, etc. just melt my heart!
Another thing I crave a bunch is sunlight. If I could live somewhere where it was sunny all the time and never got colder than 75 I would. it would be heaven!

The last thing I crave all the time is another baby! I wish I was strong enough, but I know its not time. My babies are getting so big, but my body and our household couldn't handle another baby right now. I know its just my internal clock going: its been over a year since the girls were born and i feel like its time to start trying, but I know we can't do that. Toby and I both know that this next pregnancy, whenever it comes, will be very dangerous for me and the baby, so we want to put as much time into healing as possible!! It's just not fun being baby hungry!
P.S. Whenever we do have another baby: if its a boy next, his name will be Tucker Owen, and if its a girl, it will be Isabelle (she'll go by Belle). 

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