Wednesday, April 27, 2011

life can be frustrating sometimes

So, we moved into this place because we abhorred our last landlady. She was awful to us and wasn't even going to let us stay (the issue being that we were in a 2 bedroom and you're only allowed to have 4 people in one... we were up to 5. She wasn't going to give us the 3 bedroom that was opening even though we were the ONLY ones there who had 3 kids.) anyways, we moved into this place which was once occupied by our best friends and since we knew the place and liked it, we jumped on it. Its technically a 2 bedroom but someone put up a wall in the second room and made 2 smaller rooms! So we have our 3 bedroom. We really do love the place, we never have to fight over a parking space and Ben loves watching the trains so by!
  We have had a few troubles with it, unfortunately. Our oven stopped working for a few weeks and it took awhile to get a replacement motherboard. It was pretty interesting thinking of thing to make on the stove top or microwave only. THEN our dryer started making funny noises.... and i had a load in it and one in the washer! two whole loads of wet laundry!!! So, we made due, like this:
 I used natural light and heat from the window to dry my soaked jeans!
 I used our candle warmer to dry the girl's gdiapers!
 Even pillows were recruited!
 The DVD stand and bookcase did their part as well!!
And Ben so standing so proud in this Nemo underwears!

 Chairs were great!
 Here's a small pile of clothes that were dry and moved to make room for more!!!
Lots of things had to go in the light because they didn't dry over night!!

So, after that little adventure, just a few weeks ago, the power in the back half of our place went out. The other bathroom, and the kids' rooms didn't have light or power. We checked the breaker and nothing was flipped but we flipped them anyways to try to reset the system. No luck.. We've been without that power for a few days now. The landlord came and, poof, it all works again. Lame! I can't wait to see what goes next!

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Mandy said...

oh wow! no fun!!!

The Gilberts said...

Yikes! I think I will stop complaining about my place now...hahaha.

Susan said...

Your blog looks so cute! How did you do it?

Samm said...

its a template that you can download for you blog! Check the top of my page and there is a site you can go to and get one!! They're super cute!!

Butler Family said...

sorry you aren't having any luck with anything. I will pray things get better soon

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