Friday, April 22, 2011

Tips for Driving

So, as you know from my previous post (HERE) that we packed up an headed to Utah on a whim. That whim being that we wanted to see my grandparents and they would only be there a few days. So, with our car loaded to the max with 3 kids, 2 adults and everything we'd need to entertain them on the way down, we took off in our little car. Toby had just bought the latest Harry Potter (don't ask me which, I don't follow them) so he sat int he passenger's seat with a blanket over his head to ward off the evil glares of the sun. (Sidenote: I wonder what people were thinking when they saw this creature in my passenger's seat... maybe he's an albino allergic to the sun.. Always makes me laugh!)
   Now honestly, I don't mind driving. In fact, I love it. The kids took naps, i turned my tunes up and sang along while cruising along. Now there are just some things I don't get that driver do. I get sto frustrated with the way some people drive and its a big problem because I'm the person that yells at you in my car. Big Time.
Here are some tips from me on how not to tick off other drivers while highway driving:

1. Don't merge when someone else's car is there! DUH! Check you mirrors before you move! I almost got hit twice on our trip.
2. Don't be the dork that plays leap frog, its annoying!
3. If you have to merge because of construction or whatnot, do it right when you see the first sign! Do you wonder why traffic gets so bad in these zones? Its because people wait til the last minute to merge causing lots of back up.
4. Ever heard of the zipper effect? Of course not, they don't teach you that here, but in Europe when they have to merge, its courtesy that you let one car from each lane go, like a zipper. This eliminates those cars that refuse to let a single car in, or one who lets everyone from the other lane in. Both are just as annoying.
5. Don't honk without reason. Last week, when I was merging in front of another car, it started honking at me ridiculously long. I knew I had enough room, but it made me jerk back into my lane, thinking there was a problem. I checked again, and started to merge again, and it HONK AGAIN! AND it flashed it lights at me. I honestly don't know why they were being so rude, there was no reason for it.
6. Don't so the same speed as the car next to you. (2 lanes) Cars will want to pass you and get frustrated when you take 20 minutes to pass the car next to you. Pick up your speed for a few seconds, let the cars pass and sit in the slow lane!!
7. Don't speed. Geez, i sit at about 2-3 miles above the speed limit, but there are those that go at least 20 miles over and zip by me. I worry for that car and others that feel the have time to merge and get in an accident. You should need to go that fast and if its an emergency, tell that to the police so they can escort you. We've had to to that before, too!
8. Please pay attention. Talking ont eh phone to keep you awake is one thing (use a hands free thingy-ma-bobber or speaker phone) but don't play games, text or try and pay attention to your kid's show. Your driving, pay attention.

   I'm not claiming to be a perfect driver or anything, and I know I'm guilty of at least a few of these things every so often, but honestly, I am NOT as bad as some of these drivers. Anybody got anymore?

P.S. Don't get me started on city driving with pedestrians around, that is a big enough debate for me, that it'll take another post.

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