Friday, April 22, 2011

Wonderful way to start the weekend

So, I was playing around with Ben and we were running and yelling and chasing when all of a sudden I rolled my ankle. Again. This like at least the 10th or 11th time. I can only remember the first 3 because they were embarrassing and now that I think of them, pretty hilarious. Anyways, here is the history of my poor little ankle!
    The first time I hurt my ankle was at school. I was doing lights for a concert and I was eagerly awaiting a phone call to let me know where my brother was going on his mission (Bangkok, Thailand). I got the call and since it was too loud, I was running down the stair to the alcove when I fell and rolled my ankle. Its pretty much my own fault because I was doing the lights and didn't light the stairs.
   The second time it happened was at the beach. I was there with a bunch of friends from my Single's Branch and I was being chased by my friend who wanted to trow me in the water. Well, I ran into the water to try and get away when he tripped and fell onto me and I fell off the little shelf. Yep, that hurt.
   The third and final funny time I re-injured my ankle was in my very own house. I was pretend fighting with my little brother and I kicked him in the shin. I went down, he did not. he thought it was funny. I did not. It really hurts to re-injury this ankle. It even gets achy when the weather gets cold.
   Anyways, I can't complain too much, it feels better after a short time or wrapping it, icing it, and taking some Motrin. So, that's what I get to deal with this weekend.

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Butler Family said...

sure hope it feels better soon and that you don't have anymore problems with it

Melody said...

If you keep injuring it, I would see a doctor. My older sister has an ankle that she keeps rolling and spraining. The last time she hurt it, she went to the doctor, and it turned out that it had been hurt so many times that she had to do physical therapy! It doesn't sound fun, but it sure helped! I hope it feels better soon!

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