Friday, May 13, 2011

what to do, what to do . . .

   Its just been one of those days. I ate hardly anything all day because I was running around all day. Such a tiring day to say the least.

   Yesterday was so amazing! It was the best weather we've had all year, which is pretty sad because it almost half way through the year already.  After my class, we played at the park then walked to Gator Jack's and KiwiLoco. Best family date night! It was all so yummy!! Oh so much fun in the sun.

   Today, however, was even better than yesterday, weather wise. I just didn't get to enjoy it until it was almost gone. See, last night Ben got this really bad cough that worried me. I thought it might be croup but it ended up going away today. I was still worried about it this morning so I made an appointment with the Dr.( that was later canceled) Anyways, for Mother's day Toby gave me a haircut. No, he did not cut my hair but he let me get my hair done! My friend from church did it, and she did a great job! I got highlight and tomorrow I got back for my haircut because I had class before we had time to do it. I'm excited! Anyways, I had to basically run to class, then run home because we had dinner to get to some friends, then on to yet another friend's birthday party! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LANDON!!)
  So, here's to hoping tomorrow will stay nice for tomorrow because I want to go garage saleing tomorrow with a friend. Oh, and I have a group project to work on, and of course my haircut. Phew, my weekend just got busy. Ha.

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