Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"that kind of mom"

I'm not a big worrier. I'm the type of mom that would pop that nuk back in my baby's mouth even if it fell of the grass/ sidewalk, etc. (just an example.) However, with the girl's I becamse that ind of mom. The one that worried constantly if another kid nearby had a runny nose. I kept my girls home for a whiles in quarantine, but even them I took them out before their time was up. The only thing I am strict about is their lungs. Absolutely no one around them that has RSV or other such big illnesses, and absolutely never around anyone who smokes.

  Now that my girls are bigger, I worry less about them, unless it comes to their lungs. They had Chronic Lung Disease for so long that they have a slightly diminished lung capacity. Its getting better, but they did qualify for synagis, a vaccine for RSV. Its very expensive and only a few babies even qualify to get it.

This week all my babies have croup. It worried me enough that I got a steroid from the Dr. but I haven't needed to use it yet and I won't unless I have to. Giving there a steroid and night is just asking for sleep trouble. We did that once with Ben and it was literally the worst night we had with him.

So, what kind of mother am I? One that doesn't like medication unless its absolutely necessary. I usually use homeopathic remedies or medications, not counting tylenol or IBprofen. Its so much better for my babies without all the push for medication that Drs seem to give you. Here is the lsit of things my babies are on right now:
Ben: colloidal silver (oral and a few drops in his ear for his ear infection ), tylenol for the pain
       Umcka for his croup (its not a herb, its the name of a remedy), and Benadryl for his allergies
The girls are only on Umcka and tylenol for their teething.

Ben has the humidifier right now, but it will be moved into the girl's room otnight along with their air purifier.

On a side note: Here are the girl's 15 month stats:

28 in. tall
16 lbs. 4 oz.

28 1/4 in. tall
15 lbs. 14.5 oz.
Both are approaching the 5th percentile

Thats what kind of mom I am.
P.S. I did keep the girls in my room for a night so I could hear them breathe. Yeah, I know, crazy, huh? lol just kidding.


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