Monday, May 2, 2011

order in chaos

I'm not a neat person. I have struggled my whole life with being messy. Sometimes I just can't bring myself to do anything about the mess in my house. Until now. Toby and I set a goal of keeping our house at least in some semblance of order. We started with one room and cleaned it until it was perfect. We then moved from room to room doing the same thing while still keeping the other room in order.
I also found an idea on another mmb's blog (which I can't remember where, just know it wasn't my idea). The idea is that you write down the chores that need to be done on individual cards (she cut out cards from the back of a cereal box) and write down all the chores. As you complete them, you flip them over. You can change the order everyday, but you still have a way of checking of your list and also keep track of them! Here's mine:

Another thing we were struggling with is our food budget and overspending on food. I got this idea from a email my mom sent me, even though I changed it a little. We label each day with a different food category. This way we can write out a menu and know exactly how to plan out our meals with plenty of variety. Its been such a help with keep us in check with our budget. 
We have done so well this month by doing this and we even has some left over in our budget at the end of the month. We only go shopping once and week unless we forgot something on our list. We HAD to make a list. Its been a lifesaver! We even throw in new recipes if we think we can fit them in. Here is this week's schedule:
Monday: Hot dogs w/ Mac&Cheese ( a kid's favorite!)
Tuesday: Chicken Alfredo
Wednesday: Tacquitos
Thursday: Chicken Strips w/ Winger's Sauce and fries
Friday: PIZZA NIGHT!! (homemade pizza rolls)
Saturday: Orange Chicken

I'm still looking for some other ideas on how you keep you house clean or what your routine is?

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The Mathesons said...

I use "sticky notes" on the desktop of my computer to write a list of things that need to get done. It's silly, but I get a huge feeling of accomplishment when I can cross something off (even if it's just to take a shower). If I can get ever item marked off my list I sometimes treat myself to some ice cream or something. :)

Mandy said...

it's so hard with little ones to keep the house clean through out the day- so I only clean up when AJ's on his way home- once he calls to tell me he's leaving work- I know I have 20 minutes to have Tre clean up his toys, and for me to make the livingroom and kitchen presentable! :D
I also use the grocery circular to see what kind of deals are going on at the store- and take left overs and use them in the next meal ie: beef roast turns into shredded beef lettuce wraps. (robin miller-from food network, she's great but some times her meals are kinda pricey so I improvise

Tom and Patricia said...

When Toby (and the other kids in his group) were young, I found a book called "Could You Use a Little Help" at the Deseret Bookstore. I think it's still in publication. Ask Toby what he thinks - we called them "charts" and they had things to do for a "quick clean" on one side and a "good clean" on the other side. Quick clean was for daily straightening, Good clean was for once-a-week clean up of the house. The charts came in two sets: one was all the information, just in pictures, for younger kids; the other set was written out. We used them for several years and it was wonderful: the house usually looked great! It would definitely be something that Ben could help you with, maybe not do a whole room himself, but he would be able to help with stuff in his own room and the girls' room (stuff like picking up toys and putting them away) and even some of the stuff in the living room and kitchen. With us, the kids had to take care of their room every day and each kid had an additional room to be responsible for. Worked really well!

Haven't used it much lately because with the 4 of us, things just don't get as messy as they did when they were all younger! :o) Honestly, you'll get to this point someday! When the kids are all small and demanding so much attention, it really is harder to keep everything nice. But as you keep at it, it becomes a habit, and the kids seem to adopt the "neat habit" along with you!!
Love you -

Jen and Jared Hawkins Family said...

Samm you are an amazing person! I love all the ideas you have found, especially the meal theme one. I am not sure what to say because I still feel like I am working on this. It is hard though to keep everything organized and somewhat neat with little kiddos. I feel like i am always dragging out the vacuum and throwing things in storage bins to tuck away in the corner. I love storage bins, they hide away the toys and for some reason kids love to throw things in them. They also like to dump all the contents out too and jump off them. Besides that I really do love them. Boxes work too. Find what works for you and your family, your groove as I call it.

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