Saturday, May 21, 2011

one year later....

That right, folks. Friday, it was the one year anniversary of my baby girls coming home. It was also my original due date. It was such a special day, after 4 long months of being in the hospital. They have meshed into our lives so completely that we know they were meant to be here. It hasn't always been easy, far from it, but definitely rewarding. They represent happiness, faith, hope, love, beauty and strength and so much more. They have taught not only us but those around them to never give up. Here are a few pictures of their birth, their journey and their current pictures:

 Addison, 1 day old
 Peyton, 1 day old

 compared to a ruler, 4 weeks
 compared to a newborn diaper, 4 weeks
 Peyton, b/w 2-3 months old
 Addison, deciding if its food or just a paci
 Ready to come home!
 Yipee! We're going home!!
 Snuggle bunnies

These next two picture remind me of someone who just took their glasses off. You know how some people just look a little different? Well, here they are without their oxygen and they look slightly odd to me.. lol

 not posed
 not posed again, but super cute!!
 Blessing Day, 8 months old
 Addison, Easter 2011
Peyton, Easter 2011

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. They're so adorable, right?

3 pieces of love:

Butler Family said...

wow they have grown up so much and get cuter and cuter by the minute

Saimi said...

Wow! They've come a long way!! What a beautiful family!!

Diane said...

What a truly inspiring pictography (as that a word?) I wept as I looked at your two little girls. What they have accomplished in their short lives so far!

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