Wednesday, May 4, 2011

cute things are happenning all around

My babies are growing up and getting so big!!! Peyton cut her first tooth today. Its the first one between the two of them and we expect Addison to follow suite in the next week. That's how its always been.
Today was a gorgeous day. We played outside for awhile and the girls actually crawled around in the grass, Peyton whined for a bit, but she did ok after that. I fixed the straps on my jogging stroller and Toby planted our bulbs. I wish I knew exactly what they were, but I'm hoping they'll be beautiful. Then we made tacquitos and they were amazing! Best tacquitos ever!! Now I will spend the rest of the night doing my homework like a good little girl. yippee.. (sarcasm intended!)

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Butler Family said...

seems like there is a lot of fun going around in your house. Wish I could be there with you to have our kiddos play together. miss you

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