Tuesday, May 10, 2011

strange things are happening

So, like I have said recently, this semester is kicking my trash. I've never been so busy, at least since high school. However, this time is different. Instead of all these classes that I've taking, I have 3 kids plus an insane class. Last night I had so much homework: Work on my 5-6 pg paper (due friday) work on my critique paper (5-6 pg), read an 11 pg. article, read Ch. 5, and work on our group project. No fun. I was up until midnight doing homework then was doing it until just before class. This stress is getting to me and actually affecting me physically. I have been having more headaches, more backaches, and especially more tired. Also, I've been having these episodes of hypoglycemia. It where my blood sugar drops. I get weak, tired, light-headed, insanely hungry. The only thing that brings me out of it is sugar. the first time it happened, I tried eating crackers but it just got worse, and I felt like a needed a popsicle. It got better after that. I've had a few more episodes and sugar always brings me out of it. I don't have insurance, so going to the Dr. isn't possible, so I asked hte next best thing: my mom and  All say that the only thing the dr is gonna do is make sure you know to have some simple sugars an hand so it doesn't get out of control. What luck, I love candy!!
It also said that it can be caused by stress, which is the most likely, so hopefully it goes away after this semester or even this block! Here's to hoping!

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Melody said...

I have hypoglycemia too. It sucks! I haven't been able to fast since before Andrew was born, because going for more than 3 or 4ish hours is bad for me. :( I hope it goes away for you once the semester is over!

The Gilberts said...

I think I am also mildly hypoglycemic. Regular exercise helps, although seeing as how busy you are you probably don't have the time in the day. People who are hypoglycemic have to really watch what they eat because you have a higher chance when you are older of becoming a diabetic. Trust me...poking your finger before and after every meal is no fun...I had to do it a few months ago to test my sugar levels, and it sucked rocks! Take it easy over there, and don't overdo yourself. Your body can only handle so much with 3 kids and a crazy school schedule.

Samm said...

I don't really have it have it, I"m just having episodes of it. I don't really think its chronic or what not. I've only had this one before and I was pregnant then and I forgot to eat.. or something like that. I really hope it will go away! Its true, though, that i couldn't fast, it almost passed out!! scary!

Butler Family said...

girl I hope that your stress goes away soon. Wish I could be there to help you but I will keep you in my prayers and hope the semester goes by fast for you

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