Sunday, May 15, 2011

help! in need of some yummy ideas

I've been doing much better at planning dinners and actually making them, as opposed to just making spaghetti or cooking a few chicken breasts.

However, I still find myself struggling over lunches. Probably because Ben is so pick (he gets that from me). I can make sandwiches and he eats only the cheese and meat. Or soup, He loves Ramen. Honestly? I can't think of anything else to feed him for lunch besides leftovers and that's my territory!

SO, I need lunch ideas that will fly with a picky little angel! lol Thanks for your help!!

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Mandy said...

I totally do leftovers- it's way cheaper than buying "lunch foods" we do that or pb&j or grilled cheese

MaryDawnCarrier said...

Aidyn LOVES to "make" her own pizza and since she helped, she is way more likely to eat it. You can make your own crust on the cheap. Trader Joe's also has really cheap crusts. They get to pick how much sause, cheese, etc. (You can sneak veggies in the crust chopped up). It is also something that can last more than one lunch meal. Best part of all is it's fun!

MaryDawnCarrier said...

I also do that veggie pasta with sauce. It tastes like regular but they are getting a full serving of veggies just in it. At least around here, you can get it really cheap with coupons.

Amy McFarlane said...

juliet likes quesadillas!

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