Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reasons I love Summer Time

Isn't summer the best season ever? Its definitely MY favorite season ever.. I totally hate winter and coldness with a passion. Anyways, I want to list some of my favorite things that I look forward to in the summer time:

1. warmth
2. sunshine
3. popsicles
4. long walks
5. fresh cut grass
6. parks
7. swings
8. windows downs in the car
9. coolness at night
10. windows open with a slight breeze
11. camping
12. BBQs
13. naps in sunbeams
14. tanning
15. flip-flops
16. capri-pants (even if I can't wear them on campus)
17. pretty flowers
18. feeding the ducks
19. fishing
20. spray park/ swimming/ water
21. sprinklers
22. growing a garden
23. fresh veggies
24. colorful photography
25. playing in the yard
26. fresh lemonade
27. sitting on the porch
28. red natural highlights in my hair
29. soft serve ice cream
30. the beach w/ my toes in the warm sand

MMMmmm... just thinking about it makes me happy! 

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The Gilberts said...

I couldn't agree more!

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