Friday, August 27, 2010

Twin Blessings

Toby's family came mainly for the girl's blessings. They were blessed August 1st, 2010. They were 6 months old. funny, i know.
When the girls were first born, we had a hard time deciding whether or not to bless them in the hospital, or to wait. I guess I really freaked out, thinking that if we blessed them, they wouldn't have any need to stick around.. I guess I felt so cheated about other newborn baby milestones that i really wanted them to have a blessing in our ward. I wanted to have all my family there, and pretty little dresses, cute bows, and a big party afterward, and let them have one "normal" thing in their lives. We decided that if we felt they were slipping away, we would bless them in the hospital, but we never did. Thus, their twin blessing:

Toby with his beautiful baby girls!

Family picture. Ben wanted to help bless them...

Circle: Great-Grandpa Gallegos, Grandpa Dossett, Dad, Seth Johnson, Steve Dunn
Not pictured: Marcus Crook, Bishop Sessions

Addison Avery Dossett

Peyton Noel Dossett (she doesn't actually wave yet)

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The Gilberts said...

I totally read your blog, and I love the pictures of the twins in their blessing gowns! :) Can't wait to see you next week!

Toby & Samm + Ben said...

Can't wait to see you either! Do you remember the Christanson's from VA? I can't remember when you were there exactly, but she's the one that made the dresses for me cuz i couldn't find one online that i like!

Butler Family said...

they are so cute!!! What great faith you guys have!! You look GREAT

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