Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everyday LIfe... at first

There are really no word to describe how happy we were to bring the girls home. Finally, they had "made it" and ecstatic didn't even begin to describe it. However, even though we were happy to have them home, it was incredibly hard. They were hooked up to oxygen 24/7 and also monitors to monitor their heart rate and oxygen saturation. They beeped all the time, sometime when their sats were low, mostly when they weren't picking up or reading correctly. I can not even describe to you how stinking annoying they got to be. Sometimes the monitors would tell us that their heart rate was in the 20's (which is VERY bad) but they were fine and pink and breathing. It was a real struggle for us to listen to them every night. It got to the point where we would turn them off, pray for prompting from the spirit to wake us if it was needed and go to sleep; it got that bad. The other think that was really hard was the we HAD to feed them every 3 hours. They needed the constant nutrition to gain weight and maintain their health. On top of that was the 6 medications a day that we had to include in their feedings. (side note: yes, i am still breastfeeding them, but they still need supplements because they get really tired when they nurse so they don't get enough and we need to top them off.) Anyways, their electrolytes were cherry flavored because they really didn't like the taste. We quickly learned that they LOVED the cherry flavor so we would make sue to give them those meds at night because they would down their bottles and we could sleep more! It was a great system.

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