Sunday, August 29, 2010

Burn, Baby, Burn

This year there have been a few fires. One was about 15 ft. from our trailer. It started across the train tracks and a neighbor saw it and called the fire dept. It was pretty windy that day, and we are lucky that the fire didn't jump the tracks. Here are some pictures from that fire:

The other fire was a hugr brush fire that started in Arco.. about and hour away towards Twin Falls. It lit up the whole sky. We were told it was a dust storm, so don;t judge me in the video!

View of our trailer and the beautiful sky!

My favorite picture of the night!

I love how the sky reflects off the tracks!

4 pieces of love:

The Gilberts said...

Wow that IS pretty cool! I can't believe that isn't a weird and neato is that?!

Butler Family said...

that last picture is my favorite too oh so pretty!! And wow what a video!! That looks so cool but so crazy scary at the same time

Toby & Samm + Ben said...

Actually, it was a fire. Someone told us it was a dust storm, but I'm mistaken on the video!

Tom and Patricia said...

The pictures are incredible, Samm. The first one - SO GLAD it didn't jump the track!! The video and subsequent pictures - amazing. Glad it was far enough off not to be a threat, and near enough to make such cool pictures!!

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