Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Ben Photos

Oh man, this kid cracks me up. He can make me madder than hell, then the next second he melts my heart. Here are some pictures of Ben and his randomness these past few months!Conference weekend: We had the Crooks over and Ben and Allison decided to try kissing.

They would kiss for a second then laugh for over a minute!
Nana and Poppa Dossett bought Ben a tent!
At our place in West Tisbury, Ben would watch for us coming up the stairs to get him out of his room. I would often play with him under the door, he LOVED it!
Ben loves playing the camera, so we took some pix. This was the only one that i didn't look like a total idiot.
Ben is obsessed with Mickey and Donald. Just like his daddy, Donald is his "best guy"!
Ben really enjoyed Nana Call while she was here taking care of him while I was in the hospital and with the girls in Boise. He was really sad when she left!
Ben got to see a monkey, up close and personal at the Zoo.
Whenever we got to the park, Ben likes to play fetch with the frisbee!
We gave Ben the broken fishing pole and he enjoyed poking the mud with it. He's "fisssing"

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Butler Family said...

What wonderful pictures Samm

Tom and Patricia said...

CUTE, CUTE pictures!!! Samm, you take great ones -

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