Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ben's Adjustment

Ben never had a hard time adjusting to the fact that there were 2 more babies in the family. He didn't even seen to mind that they definitely took up more of our time. Ben was always very helpful, and was always quick to tell us if the babies were crying... not that it was hard to tell. We did have to put a baby proof knob on our bedroom door because he would go in and poke them til they woke up.
The only problems that we've had with them is when we moved into our new place, Ben got into their room while Addie was sleeping in the pack n' play and he decided that she was cold, so he took all the laundry and threw it on top of her. Then for some strange reason, he decided the put some jars of peanut butter in there as well. We then put a baby proof knob on their door, but somehow he got past that one too. So, we put a lock up high on their door so he can't get in, and we know they are safe.
The only other problem that we have is that he loves them so much. He loves to try and pick them up off the couch or tries to lay next to them, then accidentally rolls on top of them. He's actually a very good big brother, and even throws their diapers away for me!! He's already tried to feed them their bottles but he can't quite get it and they get frustrated.

Cute story: He's always trying to stop them from getting sad. He always finds a Nuk and give it to them when they are crying. Sometimes, however, the absolutely will not take them and he get frustrated and throws it at them and shouts "NO, NO, Baby!" Its too adorable! He get so mad because he's trying so hard to help!

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