Sunday, November 13, 2011


I've been playing around on photoshop lately and sprucing up a few pictures of the kids. I've download some actions from a few blogs (such as ) They have tutorials and teach you how to do certain things to your photos. Its really cool. I have to admit, I'm addicted to Pinterest, and it was from there that I found the tutorial sites that have really helped me with photoshop. I've been recommended by a friend to do the New York Institute of Photography correspondence course. I will be starting that as soon as Toby does his internship (and we actually have money). Until then, I do some shoots for friends, some for family and others just for fun. Most pictures are of my kids. I do have a photography blog, but have never given out the address.

I've been thinking about starting a facebook page, but I don't know if I'm confidence enough to do that. I've been thinking of the name callmeSamm photography. It really is my favorite. Its already my email, and it works really well, because my maiden name is call, plus you can call me Samm, or call me, Samm. hehe, I love it. anybody agree.
Also, if I get 10 people to comment on here and tell me I should start a FB page for my photography, then I will. If not, I guess I'm not popular enough to even warrant likes.  So there you have it, your first challenge. (or mine).  Here are some pictures I just finished:

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Haley said...

Just do it! Why not?

MaryDawnCarrier said...

I love your pics! You should do it! I thought the ones from your brother were done by a professional photographer when I first saw them. I think it is something to move forward with :)

Steve and Nykele said...

Do it!

Butler Family said...

I LOVE your photography and really think you should start a facebook page

The Mathesons said...

I have two words for you: Go Samm!!
So excited that you get to start more photography soon!!!!! :D
I think it would be a good thing! I didn't start mine facebook page until last July, but I've really enjoyed it. There's nothing to lose- you could even keep it small until you feel more confident.

BC said...

I love the pictures, Samm! You should totally do it!

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