Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Its only a few days late....

I decided that I wanted to to the 'month of thanks' doo-hickey-thingy. I'm only a few days into the month, so I'll back track from today.

Day 8 - Today I'm Thankful for waterproof mascara. I have over active tear duct so every yawn, every breeze, every little thing makes my eyes water. Today it was so stinking cold up here and chilly that I was practically crying on my way to class. I never wear eyeliner in the winter because it WILL run. But my eyes still look pretty good with my mascara. its amazing!!

Day 7 - I'm grateful for Toby today. He came home after class so we could get out housing applicaiton sent off, then decided to stay and help me with the house and kids before going back to work on campus after the kids were asleep. He is such an amazing guy, I'm so glad he takes the time to be with us. Also, he brought the family together for FHE, which we do on rare occasion. I love this guy!

Day 6 - I'm thankful today for the nursery leaders and primary leaders to take care of my kids. They say my kids are good, but I know better, haha. No really, its so nice to have the kids in nursery!

Day 5 - My thankful shout out goes out to my Uncle Rob and his wife, Bonnie. They let me and the kids stay with them friday and saturday while I apartment hunt. They were always helpful with the kids and I even got my own room away from the kids! They even let me use their GPS to visit my sister-in-law! Amazing family I got here!

Day 4 - I'm grateful for the fact that I left one of my credit cards out of my wallet. I just so happened to leave my wallet at a Rite Aid off the interstate on my way down to Utah to look for apartments. If I didn't have this one card that I accidentally forgot to put back then i would be in major trouble. My car tank was on empty and I didn't have anything to pay for the gas! My friend Hannah offered to fill me up, but luckily she didn't have to waste her money one me! (Yes, I did get my wallet back, on the drive back up to Idaho).

Day 3 - I'm thankful I didn't really have class today. It nice when you have practically a week until your next class. And that its 2nd half of Book of Mormon. And that its your only class. And that its the last class you need for graduation!

Day 2 - I'm grateful today for Netflix. Its so easy to watch shows while I clean. Thats my new rule, that I have to be cleaning while I watch. Or I just sit on the couch all day.

Day 1 - I'm very thankful that my kids are so cute that they get tons of candy on Halloween. Its nice when they share with mommy. Its even better if they never find out they shared!

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