Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a tug on my heart

As you've probably surmised.. life has been pretty hard for me lately. I've been complaining and whining and just being all around grumpy. No more.

I was at the grocery store the other day with my 3 adorable kids. I had one of those carts that seats twins and has the cute car on the front. (Yes, those carts were made for people like me!!) Anyways, I always get people staring at the girls and commenting on how adorable they are, or how busy I must be.

Then, when we are checking out, the bagger asks questions brought on by the fact that they are so tiny for their age. She asked a question, that honestly, no one else has asked me. She asked if I had to be on bed rest. Yes and No was my answer. I tell her that I was on bedrest at 5 month but they were born about a week later. Her comment changed by perspective on my recent trials:

"You're just lucky to have them."

Yes, just like a warm hug, those words spoke to me. I, we, are lucky to have them. All the trials and hardships they went through, and we are still lucky to have them.

What we went through with them, what they went through was worse, was harder than anything I could be going through now.

I am so grateful for the swift kick in the backside to show me where my mind should be. I shouldn't be complaining, I should be grateful for everything that I do have.

I have a wonderful, amazing, gorgeous husband who loves me like nothing else. I have 3 of the most beautiful children ever. I was born into the best family, and married into another incredible family. Lastly, but most importantly  I have the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

With all these thing, who has time to feel sorry for themselves? Not me.

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