Monday, June 27, 2011

Time after Time

So, its been a few weeks since I posted, mainly because things have been really hard for me. I've been very sick and not so sick.. its kinda of hard to explain, mostly because we have no idea what is wrong.
Anyways, it's been a crazy couple of week, so here is a little taste of the craziness and sweetness of our little kiddos.
 Ben: its hard to tell whether its cold or not, right? haha
 Addison, ready for church
 Peyton, making darn sure that those cheerios make it into the diaper bag for church!
 all tuckered out
 His "wedding dress" (we've been watching a lot of 'Say Yes to the Dress', can you tell?)
 Falling over from the dress
 This is the face he makes when he know he's in trouble or he's embarrassed, its the later here!
 Sometime he puts on his pants... backwards
See? the pockets are in front.. hahaha

Well, there's not much more to update. Its been lonely around here, but my mom is coming in a few weeks to hang out with us!! Here is what we have coming up:
1. Visting Toby this week
2. 4th of July BBQ
3. Utah to pick up my momma, staying a few days to hang out!
4. Ward Campout
5. Visiting my granparents
6. END OF SUMMER SCHOOL!! YES!! we're so excited for this one!

    I hope everyone is having a good summer, we sure are!!

2 pieces of love:

Erica said...

I am sorry you are having such a hard time :( I hope you figure out what is going on soon!

Butler Family said...

your kids are so darn cute but I am sorry things have been rough for you

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