Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I feel like I just gave birth

No, you did not read that wrong. I just finished writing the first draft of my final paper. Yes, my 10 page long paper. I finished with 3,022 words! Edits and stuff with either add or cut material but its D-O-N-E!!! Its taken a lot out of me and I wrote the thing eith pretty much the worst ear infection imaginable! But tonight as I finished it, I didn't have a dingle problem with it! I feel great, well like I just finished giving birth and I can now revel in the fact that its over. IT'S OVER!!! I'm still not up to par with posting about the adventures of the past week, but trust me, after this class is done and the paper is turned in, i'll be back.

Ok, I lied. I have to tell you something:  TOBY TOOK THE GRE! Its the grad school aptitude test! He did really well and I'm so proud of him! Now we get to start applying to grad schools. Here is our list of top 4 in no particular order:
Montana Tech

There you have it. We are moving on with life. It will be so excited to see how our family adjusts to living outside the Rexburg bubble!

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Sarah said...

that's awesome! what type of grad school is he applying to?

Samm said...

Just regular grad school... i guess. He's going into Geology, so he's either going to do a research assistance degree or a teaching degree, which means he would teach some lower level classes as a TA. It all depends on where we get accepted to and where we end up going.

Sarah said...

geology...awesome! that's exciting. it will be fun to see where you end up.

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