Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sittin' Pretty.... Handsome, that is!

So, now that you know that Ben sits up in a highchair and that it sparked his confidence that he can actually sit up on his own, I thought i'd post a video of him doing just that.

He might fall at the end but hey, who doesn't some times? LOL Anyways, hope you enjoy seeing how far and fast Ben is learning things! Oh, and I hope you like the accidental background soundtrack! Ben is better behaved when there is music on and he likes to watch the CD spin in the CD player. Daddy says that Daft Punk and Carbon Leaf are his favorites! This is carbon leaf in the background!

2 pieces of love:

Mandy said...

ahhhh that's adorable!!!!

Cecily said...

I think it's funny that Carbon Leaf is in the background. I guess we both married into the Carbon Leaf obsession. :)

Ben is getting so cute! I love the part at the end where you're trying to get him to smile and he almost seems shy about it... imagine a child of yours and Toby's being shy! HA! It would almost be as funny as having Tommy and me having a super go get 'em child... uh, like Summer.

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