Friday, January 30, 2009


This kid is growing and developing SO fast, its amazing!! He really hasn't had any interest in sitting up, just pretty much laying on his tummy and flopping around. But the other day, daddy took us out to lunch and we decided to see how Ben would to in a highchair. Guess what?!?!? HE LOVED IT!! He sat up so good, he loved holding onto the front... it kinda looked like he was getting ready to go on a roller coaster ride! hahaha

Now, at home, he can sit up just fine, without propping himself with his arms on the floor. Its almost as if he figured out that he really could sit up without help. He's really good at it now, and he has pretty good posture, too. So now, we're looking into different kinda of highchairs! Oh, the possibilities are endless!! Lots of love!

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Aaron and Ashley said...

Wow he is really getting around now! I just HAVE to say that he is a really cute baby boy! I love those big baby blue eyes. Thanks for your comments on our baby blog! I love you girl!

Butler Family said...

Awww. What a cutie and he is getting so BIG!!! What a great mom you are to him. Love and miss you tons

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