Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh, the places you'll go...

Man, oh man! This kid can move!! He's perfected the art of "worming" as as call it. He gets up on his hand and knees, then moves his knees forward, but then... OH NO!! All his weight is on his hands!! LOL, he hasn't figured out how to shift his weight or pull back oh his knees, but instead he flops over. He has learned that flopping forward while pushing off with you feet will get you a heck of alot further to your destination (which is usually mom!). He can move across the room in about 15 second flat. He just moves so fast!! I'll leave the room for a second and come back to find his on the other side of the room usually chewing on something he shouldn't.. things like my shoes, my backpack, pillows, or clothes. Nice, huh? lol. But how can i be mad when he's deveolping so fast and has already said his first word!! Of course, is was MAMAMAMA!! I'm so happy that I was his first word.
Ben is now 6 1/2 months old. His 6 month check-up revealed that he has grown 2 1/2 inches in 2 months!! He is in the 96% for height!! However, he lost weight. Probably because he'd been sick the last week and a half before his check-up. Talk about a disaster for his momma!! Try being up every two hours to nurse you kid while going back to school for the first time since the baby was born!! Oh man, this semester is torture already!!
1st foods are a thing of the past. Ben has moved on! He loves 2nd foods, though!! Bigger servings of is favorite veggies, plus we tried sweet potatoes w/ turkey tonight and loved it all!! He just downs anything we give him!! I can already tell he's gained some weight, which puts my mind at ease.
Ben loves all his toys, but loves playing with his momma best. Oh, ans the best time to play is shen she's really busy with homework and has little time to get everything done. Props to all those student mothers out there!!
Ben misses his friend Nathan so much!! Well, i should be honest and say that she wishes all the Johnson family were back, because then Ben would have a friend to play with!! Not that he doesn't have other friends, but of course, he misses is Bestest friend, Nathan!! (COME HOME SOON!!! WE MISS YOU!!!)

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