Monday, February 9, 2009

Fun with Food

Ben is a food eating machine. He will eat anything and everything I give him. So, i'm going to admit that i'm not the most cautious person when i come s to giving him enough time between starting new foods. I'm actually terrible at this!! I don't wait the 3-4 days to see if he reacts to it. A couple time I even gave him 2 new food in one day. (most likely because that was all i had and he was so hungry after a feeding). But, so far, no bad reactions. He's had so much new foods that I can't even keep track anymore!! But he's is all into 2nd foods and about to move onto 3rd foods!! He absolutely loves food!! He's eating those little fruit flavored puffs and would eat the whole container if I let him! He is like a little bird sometimes, just opens his mouth wide and "caws" for more. (that is a bird sound if you're wondering). He has been getting alot of baby food, probably too much in my opinion so I've decided to start him on a eating routine, just to make sure that he's getting just the right amount of food, and i'm not overfeeding him, because let me tell you, that kid will eat til he pukes!! (Which he did last Thursday!!)

Breakfast: 2nd Foods fruit (moving to 3rd foods soon)
Early afternoon: 2nd foods veggie
Dinner: 2nd foods dinner

Hopefully this will help regulate him. Of course he get teething biscuits and puffs regularly, so he loves that too. And he get one bottle of apple juice a day. I mix 8 oz. or water with 2 oz. of Simply Apple juice. So he's getting mostly water even if he doesn't know it!! hehehe
oh, btw, i was reading an article about how you can't really over feed your little baby becaue they know when they are full and will mostly likely turn away when they are. Well, my kid is definately not like that! He will eat and eat and eat and eat for hours if I let him. We are still nursing, which I am grateful for!, but only nursesw about 10 minutes total. Then i could feed him a 4 oz. dinner with a 3.5 oz veggie and when they are done, he's still crying for more. I'll give him some juice and some puffs but about 5 minutes later he'll start to spit up. Don't you think its a little much to feed him? I know he's not hungry because if I distract him on purpose after a little while he's ok again. Then he won't eat for another 4 - 41/2 hours. Man, my little man is an eater!! hahaha, gotta love this baby! he's the best!

2 pieces of love:

Aaron and Ashley said...

Lol What a cute little piggie! Hahaha. Keep it up. You are the one who knows him best! :D Love Ash

Marcus and Haley Crook said...

Yeah, good luck with the schedule. I am a witness to how much that baby loves food! Haha. Oh and also a witness to the puking, since he saved it all for on me! I don't mind though.

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