Friday, February 27, 2009

New Developments!

Monday morning Ben crawled for the very first time. I mean actual moving arms and legs to get somewhere!! He only did it a few times but he's getting better and better at it! However, if he wants to get somewhere fast, he lunges AKA worms AKA moves like a walrus! He is growing up so fast!!
He is starting to pull himself up on things now. First thing was a suitcase, then a big bag of paper towel rolls. He fell off the paper towels and bonked his head but he was just a little scared and some cuddle time with momma made it all better!! His new favorite thing to do lately is try to climb into his bouncer. Here is a picture!Bne has also started to eat Cheerios. We are moving on to goldfish crackers soon. He love, love, love, love, loves Cheerios. We had some multi-grain cheerios and he started eating the and now he's addicted. lol. Last night our friends brought over some peanut butter and they dipped some cheerios in some peanut butter and Ben thought that was the greatest thing he's ever eaten!! He's such an adorable little thing!
Momma had to take him to class on Wednesday! He was such a cutie pie and melted everyone's heart! They all said that he much look like his daddy because he certainly doesn't look a thing like me! I've been saying that for a long time, but i think atleast he was my nose.. and probably my small mouth! He is teething again, cutting one of his upper teeth!

Ben is such a blessing! He is nursing every 6 hours.. which is nice for momma! He is pretty much sleeping through the night, on wakes once and we put him back to sleep. FOr some reason, daddy is the ONLY one who can rock Ben to sleep them put him down and actually have him stay asleep! If we leave him with anyone, they all say that he falls asleep but wakes wide up when they try and put him down! How weird is that!?!?!? Even momma can't do it! SHe has to put him down with Keith the Koala and turn on his music and he puts himself to sleep! he is such a good little boy when it comes to nap time (most of the time!) Here is Ben posing for the camera!

2 pieces of love:

Aaron and Ashley said...

Awww he is getting to be such a big boy now! How fun that he is crawling about now! And eating cheerios??? Time flies doesnt it?

Marcus and Haley Crook said...

That last picture is SO funny! What a little ham. So cute!

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