Monday, November 10, 2008

Yesterday was a fun day. We were up late hanging out with friends and didn't get to bed until 2. Ben went to bed around 11 but was not happy that he was missing out on all the fun. Luckily he slept until 8, with no feedings through the night!! I got up and fed him then put him back down, not really thinking that he's go back to sleep, but he did!! We didn't get up again until about 1020 and church was at 11!! I went in to check on Ben and he was just happily chewing on his fists. This Sunday he wore an adorable outfit from his Grandma Call. Everyone just loved it!! He loved it too, so much that he pooped all over it!! Trust that kid to poop all over his new outfit when he hasn't pooped in over a week!! And unfortunately his mom didn't have a change of clothes... :( Luckiy it was at the end of church so we just wrapped him up in his favorite blanket to go home. Now I wish we'd of gotten a picture of him in just his cords. his daddy said he looked like a hillbilly.. but a very very cute hillbilly. I'll try and get a picture of it anyways cause its just so darn cute!!
After church was nice, Ben took a nice hour long nap, then got up to play with his Uncle Dave while his momma and daddy prepared dinner for a family in our ward. Ben went to bed easily at first cause he was so tired but woke only 45 minutes later to watch a movie with his momma, who put his to sleep when she noticed he was watching. Ah, gotta love the little bug, he just so cute!!

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Butler Family said...

They always have to poop on the new outfits. lol Gordon did the same thing when he didn't poop for over a week and then we put him in something w ejust bought and he poops all over it! I think kids know!! lol

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